Ghetto Biennale

Credit: Ghetto BiennaleThe ‘Ghetto Biennale’ will take place at the beginning of December, artists can arrive from 28th November and the final exhibition will take place on the 15/16th December, and a closing conference involving all the artists will be held on the 18th December. Artists will pass one or two weeks in Haiti before presenting their work at the ‘Ghetto Biennale’ to an audience of local people, Port au Prince neighbourhood communities, arts collectives and arts organisations. The extended deadline for proposal applications will be July 15. The proposals will be primarily assessed by criteria of practical production viability in the locality. Please outline your project in no more than 500 words, covering methodology, conceptual background and a production and exhibition strategy for the proposed new work. Please give as much detail as possible on the areas of presentation and production of work. The proposals can be in either French or English and should be emailed to both and

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