Home Alone: Watch Out Jean Grae or Nicki Minaj

I figured it was best to send the warning to both rappers because I wasn’t sure which would be the better reference point for my readers. But as of today, I think it became official. Turtle Biscuit will maybe probably not become a rapper but she sure can spit. If you think Grae or Minaj can spit a mean 16bars, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen Turtle Biscuit drop her 16 bubbles.

Yep, she’s at that phase where she’s mesmerized by her ability to produce spit bubbles. It gives her minutes (which is hours in adult years) of enjoyment every day. Not to be deny her potential rap career, whenever Turtle Biscuit starts to spit, yours truly is there to provide a beat that she could rhyme over. These days the beat is courtesy of WAMU’s classical radio station 90.9. Not since Biggie has someone been so ill over Wagner.

Hey, say whatever you want, I have every right to be biased, I’m her dad, but in my humble opinion, Turtle Biscuit is the Great Bubbler Alive….

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