Should schools govern the snacks we give our kids?

So this post went in a completely different direction than I expected, but the point/question still stands, should schools be able to govern the snacks we give our kids? In one sense this already happens with peanut & egg free classrooms that have become ubiquitous these past few years. However, do schools have a right to take this a step further and ban items such as Twinkies–even if we can all agree that Twinkies are not good/ideal snacks for children.

As a parent who routinely packs oreos and the like in his child’s lunchbox this question hits close to him.  Am I being hypocritical in espousing healthy eating then turning around and giving a child a snack that I know he will surely devour before he touches the fruits, veggies that also accompany his lunch?  And let’s be clear here, homemade cookies on a regular basis are not an option…


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