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Home Alone: Murphy’s Law

Moving is a…well you know, and if all the usual post-move prerequisites such as unpacking and adjusting to a new location weren’t enough, Snuggle Biscuit and I have had to endure both the Green Hornet & the White Shadow (aka the family cars) breaking down simultaneously.  The Green Hornet was technically the first to go down and as the older of these two cars it wasn’t a complete surprise.  We thought the White Shadow would’ve been able to avoid the auto-repair bug that’s been going around, but we were mistaken.

Of course Turtle Biscuit is oblivious to all of this drama.  To her all this has meant is that she now gets more long walks with her dad and less time traveling backwards (she can now sit facing forward in her stroller).

As Charlie Sheen might say, Turtle Biscuit is winnnning!!