A Captive Audience

Singing Biscuit is the performer of the family, but as most 8-year olds know, it’s hard finding a captive audience.  With parents working hectic schedules, and older siblings being, well being older siblings, where does a 8-year old Singing Biscuit find an audience to indulge him. In his six-month old sister of course.

Turtle Biscuit has become Singing Biscuit’s #1 fan.  Whether she’s lying on the floor or in her feeding chair, whenever Singing Biscuit gets to performing, Turtle’s eyes light up.

This morning I walked downstairs to find Singing doing his WWE routine for Turtle’s enjoyment.  Had I not lost my phone/video-camera I would’ve quickly set about recording this entire performance.  Her giggles and his pro-wrestler schtick are priceless.


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