Home Alone: A Newly Discovered Fear

After checking out the blog one of Snuggle Biscuit’s friends sent along the following message:

a great living open letter from a father to his daughter. She will get so much joy out of these words one day.

I never thought of this series of posts as an open letter until I read those comments.  Ironically, I thought more about my children reading my writing prior to having children than I do now that I am a parent.  In fact, I am almost afraid of the thought of my children reading my writing one day.  Not that I’ve written anything scandalous, or even plan to, but it seems that the more I write, the less self-aware I become as a writer.  Or rather, the more I write, the less I know who I am as a writer and it scares me to think what my children will uncover.  This fear is not unlike the one I have about other family members reading my work.

Time will tell how I handle this realization, and this fear.

But when the day comes for Turtle Biscuit to read these notes, I want to be sure she doesn’t have to go one post further without reading these five words: I love you my dear….




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