Home Alone: Back That Thang Up

To paraphrase Juvenile,

“If you a real fine Dad, you better back that thang up.”

Ok, I know you’re wondering where this is going and trust me, I have a good reason for invoking the godfather of New Orleans rap. I lost my phone two weeks.  We believe it was stolen off the deck by some groundhogs (I kid you not).  Those who know me know that this wasn’t the first time, nor is it likely the last that a phone of mine met an untimely death.  Unlike previous phones however, this one was special.

Wait, let me rephrase that, the information stored on this phone was special.  This phone had a camcorder that I had used to record Singing Biscuit’s first film production “King Chuck’s Last Stand”, and a few recordings of Turtle Biscuit doing everything from rolling over to engaging in a fierce battle with some leaves on the deck of our old apartment.

Unlike the photos and contacts which I had been doing a good job of syncing with my computer, there was no backup for these videos.  So not only did our little backyard critter take my ability to make calls, but s/he also took away an archive of some priceless moments.

Thus after finally conceding that the phone was lost and I would have to indeed get a new one, I knew that a new mantra was also needed to make sure that I learned the lesson of this setback.  Hence the advent of my Juvenile remix…
So all you Dads out there, as you’re snapping away with the camera or recording those digital shorts, do remember—

If you a real fine Dad, you better back that thang up….

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