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Home Alone: True Confession

Being a parent is inevitably an opportunity to relive our own childhoods because our own experiences as children often define the kinds of experiences that we hope our own children to have, or not have.  Parenting presents ample opportunities to indulge in some of our favorite childhood pastimes and discover new ones via our children.

Ok, ok. I know I am stalling.

Here goes…

I occasionally often sneak steal a few of Singing Biscuits chewable vitamins when no one’s home.

Whew.  That feels so much better.  I am glad I got that off my chest.

You see it began innocently enough with a taste to see what these vitamins were like.  Once I discovered they’re essentially “healthy” gummy bears I was hooked.  A vitamin every now and then quickly morphed into a couple of times a week, and occasionally, every day for a week.

It’s not as if I don’t have my vitamins, I do. And I take those everyday.  But his vitamins are just so much tastier.

Freud would blame my mother (doesn’t he always) for this addiction because she was the one who’d administer my daily dose of cod liver oil when I was a child.  I can still see her waiting for me by the door as I got ready to leave for school.  Spoon in hand with that slimy concoction always on the brink of falling off the spoon.  As my luck would have it, regardless of how much I stalled it never fell off, except when it dropped into my mouth.  Mom’s voice is forever etched in my mind: “it’s good for you” she’d declare as my face twisted in disgust.

Singing Biscuit has never had to experience the ignominy of these cod liver oil mornings.  Kids these days have bubble gum and fruit punch flavored everything.

Had I been fortunate enough to have gummy vitamins as a child i would not have to stoop so low as an adult.

With time, therapy and a bit of behavior modification, I know that I can kick this habit, but until then, I will continue sneaking in my gummy vitamin fix on the lower frequencies of life.