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We’ve Got A Story to Dance?

I saw this video this morning and as one of my students is apt to say “it gave me life.”  Nothing wins me over these days as easily as cute Daddy-Daughter video. I especially enjoy things showing Dad-Daughter combos doing things they both enjoy–particularly if they’re not sports related.

The video below is one in a series of videos by Mrcush featuring him and his daughter dancing:

Watching them I couldn’t help but recall this demonstration by dance historian Thomas DeFrantz appearing on Mark Anthony Neal’s site

DeFrantz provides a well appreciated historical context to the super-duper cuteness found in the Daddy-Daughter video. It’s also amazing thinking about the different connotations of history and tradition evoked when you look at these two videos side by side. DeFrantz is dancing history, as is Mrcush and his daughter, and they are all also telling a story.