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On Moving Forward – The Feminist Wire

As a staunch opponent of mass incarceration, I loathe advocating for imprisonment in most instances and sex crimes are no different. Therefore, a multifaceted counseling strategy is, in my view, the strongest resource to curbing child sexual abuse. I would include quality sex and general health education as a form of counseling because schools and curricula shape individual and communal behavior. Again, it is important for young people to learn as early as possible that sex is not something to be ashamed of or to be kept secret. Moreover, incorporating teaching about mental and emotional health in schools will help everyone learn throughout their lifetimes how to process and articulate what is happening in their lives, and more specifically, what is happening to them. Expanding knowledge about healthy practices will not only lessen the likelihood that individuals might commit crimes, but it may also increase awareness around unacceptable behavior for young people.

Source: On Moving Forward – The Feminist Wire

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

My stepson recently performed in a dance routine to this song at his school.  When he used to rehearse I used to pray for a day when I wouldn’t have to listen to this song.  It’s been three weeks since that performance. Three blessed Waka Waka free weeks.  But you know that saying about absence making a heart grow fonder, well you can apply it here…

Tea Cup

Every so often I stumble across an item that has now become emblematic of this transition from bachelor to baba. After I finished feeding Turtle Biscuit this morning I took a look at this teacup and my mind wandered back to its origin. When I first purchased it I was a bachelor in BK dreaming up a book called “Brooklyn Bedrooms.” This teacup was part of a tea set that was intended to give my bachelor pad some softer edges. Never did I think that one day these cups would be holding various smoothies and veggie purees created for Turtle Biscuit. Thinking back on it, I couldn’t help but smile at how much things have changed and how blessed I’ve been for these changes.