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And we’re back…

I have to realize that I am cheating my readers when I disappear during critical junctures.  Since I last wrote I started a new job at a school in DC.  The teaching from teaching at a college to teaching at a high school is a big enough transition in its own right, but when coupled with also transitioning from being a stay at home parent, the shift is staggering.

I miss Turtle Biscuit to say the least.  Since I’ve started work she’s started crawling and sitting up on her own.  A month ago I would’ve been the first person to see these transitions.  Now, I’m often the last.  It feels odd to get a summary of her day and her progress toward a new milestone instead of experiencing these things first hand.

There’s so much to say about this shift, and I intended on writing much of it down. However, in spite of my best intentions, I never completed the final installments in the Home Alone series nor did I put pen to paper about the feelings I had when I left Turtle Biscuit in the mornings to go to work.

All that I can say is that I will try to do better, but as I am learning in a whole new way these days, you can’t turn back time.