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Digable Planets – Rebirth Of Slick Cool Like Dat –

Yesterday afternoon we took Turtle Biscuit to a reading for Bill Campbell’s new book Koontown. Afterward when the DJ started playing Digable Planet’s “Cool Like Dat,” my little Turtle hopped onto the center of the floor and began dancing. Looking at the joy in her eye as she boogied her little heart out I couldn’t help but smile and to think to myself this little girl is gonna be alright….

Digable Planets – Rebirth Of Slick Cool Like Dat – YouTube.

Home Alone: Dads of the World UNITE!

My Teenage Boys Are the Anti-Christ post sparked a nice twitter exchange between me, DanTresOmi and Bill Campbell. Toward the end, Bill concluded we needed to develop a unique parenting army to tame those nefarious teenage boys TEENAGERS.  Maybe there’s a dash of hyperbole in that paraphrase but I’m sure you get the drift.  Bill’s comment reminded me of a conversation Snuggle Biscuit and I had two weeks ago after I returned home from dropping off Teen Biscuit at a party.

Earlier in the day Teen Biscuit had voiced some dismay about this party saying it was going to be a “sausage fest.”  In spite of this dismal forecast for that evening, Teen Biscuit still decided he wanted to go.  Cool.

You could imagine my terror when I showed up to drop him off and saw scores of teenage boys waiting outside to get into the party and countless others posting up next to their cars.

As I drove back to the house I felt bad for all the dads whose daughters were likely to attend this party.  Did these men (and moms) know the horrors that await?

Immediately, I thought wouldn’t it be great if we parents (Dads in particular) had our own CB radio system that we could use for moments like this.  Rather than driving away helplessly as someone else’s child was affronted by more Axe cologne, body spray & deodorant than any human should endure, what if there was a way to give other parents a heads up.

But, if the Dad CB Network was up and running I could’ve just sent out an APB to all the dad’s (and moms) in the area to abort operation drop off.  The number of sleepless nights that such a network could avoid led me to shout out the car window as I drove back home “DADS OF THE WORLD UNITE”