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The Dicey Parent-Teacher Duet –

I get a chance to experience the Parent-Teacher relationship from both sides and Mosle is absolutely right in her arranged marriage analogy.

This is also something that gets overlooked in conventional ed-reform discussions because the pervading logic when it comes to poor parents is that they are ill-equipped to parent, therefore the emphasis should be on producing better teachers.

The teacher-parent relationship is a lot like an arranged marriage. Neither side gets a lot of say in the match. Both parties, however, share great responsibility for a child, which can lead to a deeply rewarding partnership or the kind of conflict found in some joint-custody arrangements.

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Maurice Sendak on his work, childhood, inspirations

One of the things that I will always be grateful to my parents for is mandating that I spend two hours every Saturday at the library. They never went with me and really had no idea what I should be reading, but they knew that I should be reading and this was there way to make sure it got done. I spent those Saturdays thumbing through sports biographies, reading about everyone ranging from Manute Bol to Martina Navratilova. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I started reading children’s lit and became acquainted with Sendak’s work. And you know what it was just as mesmerizing as adult as I any adventure I launched upon as a kid…